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The First Testament scriptures, certainly the Torah, were Jesus’ “Bible”.  To follow His teachings is to have the proper perspective on the Bible as a unified writing, as one of my favorite Messianic teachers, Mordecai DuShey, illustrated to a roomful of people when he tore a certain page out of a certain Bible in a meeting years ago: the page that says “New Testament” in my Bible!

It is my desire to discover, along with you, what God’s Word, crystallized, will tell us.  Jesus summarized the 10 Great Commandments in Matthew 22:37-40, when He said to love God supremely and our fellow man as ourselves.

The character of God is summed up in I John 4:8 : “God is love”.

Essentially, one word can sum up our God: Love.

It is good to have a complete work, and it is good to be able to summarize it. A summary does not replace a completeness. It is my prayer that this excerpt writing will lead to a complete love of Christ, the Word made flesh.


On use of color in The Spoken Word, a Red Letter Project: speakers are denoted by color, so that the conversational aspect of the Bible can be more plainly seen and speakers differentiated.

Red – God, the Father, Jesus Christ, sometimes referred to as “the angel of the Lord”

Purple – God’s words quoted by someone else

Blue – a man or woman

Green – angels

Brown – Man’s enemy, Lucifer or Satan


  1. I agree the Torah was the Bible Jesus uses, all He taugh was from teh Torah. Love your post join me often and leave a comment if you will.

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